1. Do you like Anne Boleyn? Thomas Cromwell? Jane Seymour? Henry VIII? Are you bored?

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  2. A request for the interwebs…

    Someone, out of all of you wonderful ‘vidders’ (is that a thing?) out there, could you please please PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a video that’s just a compilation of Cesare and Lucrezia saying each other’s name, every instance from the series chronologically?? Maybe set to some nice unobtrusive music? ‘Twould be a dream come true. :):)

    I will seriously make you a treat of some kind and mail it to you.


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  4. From Thomas Wyatt’s poem “Circa Regna Tonat,” written after the execution of Anne Boleyn.


  5. fuckyeahtudorwomen:

    Which means that Henry executed approximately 1900 people a year during his reign, and Mary executed 60. And yet, Mary is the bloody one…

    *Shakes fist at John Foxe*


    (Source: historyinfographics, via marissaboleyn)

  6. Just published a new chapter in my story, For Thine is the Kingdom, set in the final month of Anne Boleyn’s life. Take a look! :)


  7. Love it! Copyright TudorStacks.

  8. Opposing views of the Anne-Henry power dynamic in the early 1530s, as reported by contemporary ambassadors.

  9. 'She lives like a queen, and the King accompanies her to Mass - and everywhere.' 

    1532 report of the resident Venetian ambassador.

  10. "There was a quality to her that he could not place, and that did not please him. She was either much more vacant or much smarter than anyone supposed. He waited for her to ask what would happen to Anne, how they would get rid of her, the amount of bloodshed it would cost England so her fingers could be deflowered."

    For Thine is the Kingdom, chapter 24.